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The roof drain sump pans represented on this website are the only standardized system on the market totally designed to "sump" or lower cast iron roof drains. These sump pans were designed by a plumbing contractor to be a FAST, EASY, and COST EFFECTIVE to install. They are designed to work EVERY TIME.

  • We'll ship you ready-to-install Plus Pack kits that include the sump pan, roof drain and hardware or just the sump pans and buy your roof drains locally. You should be able to 4x your production over a wood sump box.
  • Get the spec sheet for each model.
  • FREE tech support by phone, email, text. We're licensed plumbers in Calif USA and have extensive product and installation knowledge. Send us your project info: specs, photos, drawings etc.  
  • Installation videos on You Tube. 
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  • These are such a problems that the Uniform Plumbing code devotes an entire chapter to it.

  • All deck mounted roof drains should be sumped with a few exceptions*. One of the biggest multinational roofing material manufacturers recommends them. SEE HERE 

  • New construction is your BEST value for roof drain sump pan installation.  You are knocking out MAJOR future roof repair costs by eliminating standing rainwater when the building is new.  There are no barriers to installation as in a retrofit project.  


  • There is no standard roof drain sumping system out there that rapidly and easily sumps a cast iron roof drain except the one you see on this website. And, as an added bonus to this versatile roof drainage system, there are NO MODIFICATIONS NEEDED to the roof framing or the roof drain assembly. A major time saver for ANY construction project! 

  • If you have any questions, call us. We're plumbing contractors and we CAN answer your questions.

  • Try these products out for yourself and see if they don't perform as promised.

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*exceptions: tapered roofing, some overflow flat roof drains, building code requirements

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The WHOLE GAME with a flat roof drainage system is achieving "positive drainage" right? 

​​So how will you do that? 

  • Build wood sump boxes? This is a labor intensive and ultimately expensive operation. If the wood boxes get wet, they fail and GROW MOLD!

  • Have custom metal pans built? It's generally very expensive to fabricate a quality product and production lead times are generally very long unless you have a very long run. Not to mention the time to engineer the plans and specs.  

  • Build up the roof with heavy gravel or a leveling compound? Will the heavy gravel add more weight and continue to cause the the low spots to sag worse? Will the leveling compound cause the ponding rainwater to move to new low spots? ​​

  • ​Install a tapered roof system? Of course there are the tapered roof systems which are required by code in some areas. You can "feather" the tapered insulation to the roof drain to make a sump. But what if you don't need this system? It can be EXTREMELY expensive. 


  • Flat roof cave-ins from excessive roof loads caused by inadequate roof drainage and the resulting standing rainwater.

  • Roof coverings destroyed long before their service life for the same reason along with their attendant interior property damage issues including mold growth.

  • All situations adding up to millions in roof repair or replacement costs.

  • A common cause for these problems are flat roof drains that are sitting too high on the flat roof

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​​Roof Drain Pans Co. designs and fabricates superior grade, prefabricated, roof drain sump pans for the Zurn Z100, Jay R. Smith 1010 and Frank Pattern single and double flat roof drains. They are intended to eliminate the need to build labor intensive wood sump boxes and are a direct replacement to the sump receiver.