Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the roof drain pans and their respective flat roof drains. 

1) How much space is required to install the sump pans and the roof drains? 

The best way to answer that question is to review this this drawing.  SPACE REQUIRED.  At the same time review the spec sheets for each roof drain sump pans on their pages above. Finally, review pictures of projects that have been done.  PICTURE GALLERY.  You can also review installation tips on this page   ROOF DRAIN INSTALLATION.  And still there is our  You Tube channel for videos.  YOU TUBE   

AND if you still have, contact us on our tech support phone numbers below.  

Can I save money installing these sump pans and flat roof drains rather than having to slope the entire roof toward the roof drains?  

Yes, in many cases property owners have saved tens of thousands of dollars installing these sumped flat roof drains in the low spots of the roof. Getting the standing rain water off the flat roof and keeping it off and eliminating the massively excessive weight it adds to the roof is of paramount importance. Installing sumped roof drains in the low spots does wonders for solving that problem.  

Trying to eliminate standing rain water by sloping an entire flat roof is a valid technology but it can be a massive and expensive undertaking, particularly if using roof drains will solve the problem.  Very large flat roofs can run in the hundreds of thousands of dollars range. 

Not all flat roofs are alike and each flat roof drainage situation is unique and has to be evaluated as such based on the facts. Flat roofs that need structural repairs should get them etc. Consult with professionals.    SLOPING A ROOF PICTURE

2)  The water on my flat roof is so deep, I'm afraid it will cave in my roof. Will flat roof drains help? 

Yes and no.  Unless your flat roof drain is adequately sumped, it won't drain the water as it will sit too high. Also, make sure the drain is not clogged with debris. Installing a roof drain that is sumped in the low spots on your flat roof will work wonders in solving this issue. Make sure the system is sized properly as the speed at which the rain water is conveyed from the roof is vital. 

SAVES MONEY...may eliminate the cost of resloping or replacing the entire flat roof and may save thousands of dollars in repairs. A flat roof drain sump pan is a cost effective alternative.

The flat roof drain sump pan can mitigate any further roof or structural damage related to standing rainwater.

IMPROVES  the flat roof drain efficiency. 

Can help to eliminate water intrusion and reduce property damage. 
No underdeck clamp required

Roof drain mounting hardware ​ included


The stout 18 gauge galvanized steel (and stainless steel) flat roof drain sump pans are quality fabricated on laser cutting machines resulting in a perfect fit. Other manufacturing methods can sometimes result in warpage and poor fitment. 

You will not have any down time due to field modifications as a result of a poor quality product. There are no welding or metal cutting requirements. The flat roof drain sump pans fit between joists without modifications.   

The 18 gauge metal will provide long service life. 

​With this simple to install system, you can lower or "sump" your flat roof drain sump pan in minutes, a process that used to take hours. 

The days of building cumbersome and labor intensive wooden sump boxes is over.  Old technology out - new advanced technology in...

​​For your convenience, they are sold in "ready to install" roof drain pan kits. Your sump pan kit includes the roof drain pan, roof drain and hardware. The flat roof drain sump pan can be purchased by itself if you would prefer to supply your own roof drains.  

For contractors, these flat roof drain pans will reduce labor costs and increase production.