As opposed to a new roof drain installation, sometimes the existing roof drain just needs repairing. This includes replacement or servicing of any of the components of the roof drainage system. This service generally follows a thorough leak test which determines what repair is needed. 

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Popular Flat Roof Drain Brands That We Use

Repair existing roof drain installations


In some cases, such as a reroofing project or in the case of broken roof drains, the existing roof drains need to be changed out or replaced. 

With all of our roof drain installation projects, we use new, modern, efficient major brand roof drains in the same location as those that we removed. In many cases we connect to existing piping. 

Again we recommend the use of our sump pans on every roof drain installation project where applicable in order to maximize the roof drain efficiency.

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Our new flat roof drain installation service addresses the fact that some flat roofs have too few roof drains to adequately drain the flat roof. This almost always results in huge pools of standing rain water. 

​​Knowing how many and what kind of roof drains resulted a completely successful roof drain installation project. 

This service includes, pipe, fittings and all components needed to make a complete installation. We utilize our professional grade, high quality "sump" pans at the time of installation which eliminates future ponding issues. 

With all of our roof drain installation projects, we always work with the roofing contractor who carries the flat roof warranty, or if there is no warranty, we work with with qualified roofing and waterproofing contractors of the clients choice. We can also make our own recommendations.

Leak test:

We perform a pressure test on the roof drain system which locates any leaks. Once located we then effect the repairs. 

Video camera inspection:

This is an extremely useful tool as we can see inside a pipe, either above or below grade, to determine the condition. This is used on the entire flat roof drain installation. 

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