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  • SAVES MONEY...Helps to mitigate any further flat roof damage due to standing rainwater 

  • SAVES MONEY...prevents catastrophic damages resulting from a collapsed flat roof

  • SAVES MONEY...may eliminate the HUGE cost of resloping or replacing the entire flat roof 

  • IMPROVES  the flat roof drains efficiency

  • Can be used on wood framed, concrete and steel roofs​​​

  • FASTER than building wood sump boxes

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Roof Drain Pan LSP

This adaptable and versatile roof drain pan is sold in the standard and modified versions and "sumps" the Zurn Z100 bottom and side outlet flat roof drains. 

​​Is roof drain pan LSP difficult to install for a do-it-yourselfer?

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Use this flat roof drain sump pan if your roof joists are 24" on center minimum and want to sump a large Zurn roof drain. 

The slide show gives you some idea of how the sump pan and flat roof drain will look before and after installation. 

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No! This roof drainage system was designed to be installed by the pro and the novice alike. Prior to this sump pan being invented, sumping a 15" cast iron roof drain was no easy task. It weighs almost 30 pounds and measures about 16" across and about 12" tall. It is heavy and cumbersome to install with a flat plate "receiver" that comes with the roof drain. The "receiver" DOES NOT lower the roof drain so you have to build a labor intensive wood sump box!  Not any longer!!!

These problems have been solved with roof drain pan LSP.   

Many property owners, handymen and maintenance people buy this simple to install roof drainage system because of the ease of installation. Having the installation kit or Super Saver pack to hand when you start your project takes all of the effort out of the work. You can install it in about 15 minutes or less. Check out the roof drain installation video. 

What is the difference between the standard and modified roof drain pan?  

The standard roof drain pan accepts the 15" (bowl diameter) Zurn Z100 bottom outlet roof drain while the modified roof drain pan accepts the side outlet Zurn roof drain Z100-90. The standard sump pan is regularly in stock and the modified is a special order.  

Both roof drains easily bolt to the sump pans and the entire assembly is installed between joists that are 24" on center without any modifications.  Note: some contractors prefer to install extra framing. That's fine as it helps against excessive deflection of the roof. 

How can contractors increase production and reduce labor costs using roof drain pan LSP?

For contractors, using roof drain pan LSP on your next roof drain project means you will no longer have to build labor intensive wood sump boxes.

The major roof drain manufacturers don't offer a roof drain sump pan that is designed to lower the roof drain (not a real sump pan) for sale with their flat roof drains so the contractor has to come up with a solution.

That solution is usually building wood sump boxes for each roof drain or taper the existing roof toward the roof drains. This can be VERY expensive to do.

Having a superior grade pre-fabricated metal sump pan means your crews can lower your flat roof drains in minutes, not hours. You may avoid tapering the roof entirely and save your client tens of thousands of dollars while offering them superior grade products for their respective properties.  That's value engineering !

Time is money in the construction business and this sump pan decreases labor costs and increases production! Also, the quality laser fabrication means a perfect fit every time with no down time from parts that don't match!.

When should I use this roof drain sump pan? 

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