This roof drain sump pan will sump the Frank Pattern combination roof drain and overflow in bottom outlets version and it also "sumps" the Frank Pattern single flat roof drains in the side outlet version.  This conversion is possible due to Roof Drain Pans Co.'s patent pending flat roof drain pan adapter.

The combination roof drain and overflow models are 850-2N, 850-3N, 850-4N

Single flat roof drain models 852N, 853N, 854N, 852SN, 853SN, 854SN 

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We Have Four Unique Models To Choose From...

The only thing we can say is FAST, FAST, FAST!  That describes the installation process. If this roof drain installation system takes 15 minutes to install, it's too long.

​​​​This single sump pan lowers the Frank Pattern 8-1/2" single roof drains in the bottom and side outlet versions!

​The entire assembly has been engineered to fit between joists that are 16" on center. And it installs seemlessly.

​If you are building wood sump boxes you are seriously wasting valuable production time. This system increases production and decreases labor costs.




$325.00 + discounts

SCP Roof Drain Sump Pan Kit

$195.00 + discounts

Model SSP roof drain pan kit..

These apply to all of the roof drain sump pan models shown...


  1. Contractors can increase production while reducing labor hours. Install in minutes rather than hours.

  2. Helps to mitigate any further flat roof damage due to standing rainwater.

  3. Prevents catastrophic damages resulting from a collapsed flat roof.

  4. May eliminate the cost of resloping or replacing the entire flat roof.   

  5. No underdeck clamp required. (check with your local codes)


  1. Patented design incorporates the integral 2" sump feature 

  2. Fits between joists that are 16" and 24" on center, no modifications required 

  3. Precision laser fabricated and assembled for perfect fit. No welding or metal cutting needed.    

  4. Improves the flat roof drains efficiency. 

  5. Available in 18 gauge galvanized steel, aluminum* and stainless steel* 

  6. Steel riveted joints for added strength

  7. Roof drain mounting hardware ​ included

  8. Accepts bottom and side outlet flat roof drains   


  1. ​Include new construction or retrofit 
  2. Can be used on wood framed, concrete and steel roofs​

The LSP roof drain sump pan standard version sumps the bottom outlet 15" primary Zurn roof drains. 

The LSP roof drain sump pan modified version sumps the side outlet 15" primary Zurn roof drains. Both of the roof drain pans have an outside pan dimensions are 32" x 32" 

The roof drains used are Zurn Z100 and Z100-90

​Buy the kit or just the sump pans. 

$825.00 + discounts

The roof drain sump pans are protected under a US Patent. Making, using, offering for sale, or selling the invention throughout the United States of America, or importing the invention into the United States of America, or products made by the process used herein without a written licensing agreement is a a violation of the patent laws of the United States. The purchase of any product from ALL TECH Plumbing,roof drain pans company or any affiliations of same indicate agreement and acknowledgement of this notification.

Welcome To Our Roof Drain Pan Products Page

​* The roof drain pan products shown on this page are ready-to-install roof drain installation kits.

* Each kit comes with a custom fabricated roof drain sump pan, Zurn or Frank Pattern roof drains and mounting hardware.

* Now you can lower your flat roof drains in record time and totally eliminate standing rainwater on your flat roof!


​$265.00 + discounts

What Are Some Of The Features And Benefits That You Can Expect When Purchasing These Superior Grade Roof Drain Sump Pans? 

LSP ROOF DRAIN PAN Kit "Standard" 

This versatile double roof drain sump pan "standard" is designed to lower or "sump" the Zurn Z-100 primary and the Z100-89 overflow roof drains. 

It also sumps the Z100 roof drains in the side outlet versions with the "modified' roof drain pan. 

​​Buy the kit or just the sump pans