1) Can I eliminate the expense of resloping the entire flat roof by installing sumped flat roof drains in the low spots?

Yes, in many cases property owners have saved tens, and even hundreds of thousands of dollars installing these sumped flat roof drains in the low spots of the roof. Getting the standing rain water off the flat roof, and keeping it off and eliminating the massively excessive weight it adds to the roof, is of paramount importance. Installing sumped roof drains in the low spots does wonders for solving flat roof drainage problems.  

Trying to eliminate standing rain water by sloping an entire flat roof is a valid technology but it can be a massive and expensive undertaking, particularly if using roof drains will solve the problem.  Very large flat roofs can run in the hundreds of thousands of dollars range in terms of cost. 

NOTE: Not all flat roof drainage issues are alike and each situation is unique and has to be evaluated, as such, based on the facts. New building codes requiring energy efficient roofing materials all come into play as well as manufacturer requirements etc. Consult with professionals. 

The slideshow shows some of what is involved in sloping a flat roof. Using newly installed insulation to create a "sump" around the flat roof drain is now common practice. This can make a sheet metal sump pan an unneeded item. However in looking over the pictures, perhaps sumping the roof drain with our superior grade metal roof drain sump pans may have eliminated the need for all of the insulation. 

What about peripheral costs involved when adding insulation?

Where the tapered insulation is thickest, may require additional reworking such as raising the existing plumbing vents and the water heater flue pipes as well raising the A/C units and any other items that are protruding through the roof. This is NOT necessary when installing a flat roof drain and superior grade roof drain sump pans. 


Flat roof drains that are installed too high on the roof is a major cause of standing rain water. 

Standing Rain Water Is One Of The Most Destructive Forces on the flat Roof 

Is This Flat Roof Drainage System Hard To Install? 

Here are just a few of the possible causes:

Structural defects, improper construction or engineering. Inadequate roof drainage system which includes: no roof drain, incorrectly placed roof drain, roof drain sitting too high, wrong drain materials, clogged flat roof drains.  

Standing rainwater on a flat roof can cause extensive property damage and personal injury. This situation can drive up maintenance and repair costs unnecessarily and often astronomically.  While there can be several ways of resolving the problem, installing "sumped" flat roof drains is a common solution. 

flat roof drainage, flat roof drain, roof drain sump pan
flat roof drainage, flat roof drain, roof drain sump pan

No! This flat roof drainage system was designed to be installed by the pro and the novice alike. Prior to this sump pan being invented, sumping a 15" cast iron roof drain was no easy task. It weighs almost 30 pounds and measures about 16" across and about 12" tall. It is heavy and cumbersome to install with a flat plate "receiver" that comes with the roof drain. The "sump receiver" DOES NOT lower the roof drain so you have to build a labor intensive wood sump box!  NOT ANY LONGER !!! 

This simple to use will make your flat roof drainage problems disappear. 

Many property owners, handymen and maintenance people buy this simple to install roof drainage system because of the ease of installation. Having a pre-fabicated superior grade roof drain pan to hand when you start your project takes all of the effort out of the work. You can install it in about 15 minutes or less. Check out the roof drain installation video. 

Installing flat roof drains that are sumped vs. non sumped: 

Sumping a flat roof drain means making it the lowest point on the roof. It can be a FAST, EASY and VERY COST EFFECTIVE solution to this problem of standing rain water when compared to the cost of building up the roof, replacing an entire roof, resloping the entire roof (very expensive) or making EXPENSIVE structural repairs. The process of sumping a flat roof drain is recommended by one of the most recognized roofing manufacturers in the industry.   SEE HERE 

Flat roof drains that are sold on the market today are not offered with a bona fide roof drain sump pan as the manufacturers don't consider that it's needed. They call a sump receiver or other flat plates a "sump pan" which it is not as it is not intended to lower a roof drain.    SEE HERE

The roof drain sump pans are protected under a US Patent. Making, using, offering for sale, or selling the invention throughout the United States of America, or importing the invention into the United States of America, or products made by the process used herein without a written licensing agreement is a a violation of the patent laws of the United States. The purchase of any product from ALL TECH Plumbing,www.roofdrainsumppans.com or any affiliations of same indicate agreement and acknowledgement of this notification.

What are some of the benefits of a sumped flat roof drain:  

They can help to mitigate further roof damage by very quickly getting the rain water off the roof whether the roof is replaced or not. They can stay in place as a permanent installation after roof repairs or replacement has taken place. They can prevent a roof collapse,  interior water damage and may help to keep your roof warranty in effect.   A "sumped' flat roof drain can dramatically improve the roof drains' performance.   SEE PHOTOS

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