Leak test:

We perform a pressure test on the system which locates any leaks in the system. Once located we then effect the repairs. 

Video camera inspection:

This is an extremely useful tool as we can see inside a pipe, either above or below grade, to determine the condition. This is used on the entire flat roof drain installation. 

Hydrojetting, drain cleaning: 

Sometimes the existing roof drain just needs repairing. This includes replacement or servicing of any of the components of the roof drainage system. This service generally follows a thorough leak test which determines what repair is needed. 


  • Public works projects: InstitutionalState, Federal. ​DIR & SBE certifications
  • Private work: residential, commercial and industrial 

New flat roof drain installation

Repair existing roof drain installations

Causes: structural defects, inadequate roof drainage system which includes: no roof drain, incorrectly placed roof drain, roof drain sitting too high, wrong drain materials, clogged roof drains.  


  • Our new flat roof drain installation service addresses the fact that some flat roofs do not have enough roof drains to adequately drain the flat roof. This almost always results in huge pools of standing rain water. 

  • In this case, additional roof drains need to be added. Knowing how many and what kind of roof drains resulted a completely successful project. 

  • This service includes, pipe, fittings and all components needed to make a complete installation. We utilize our professional grade, high quality "sump" pans at the time of installation which eliminates future ponding issues. 

  • We always work with the roofing contractor who carries the warranty who provides waterproofing services.  

Professional Flat ​​Roof Drain Installation  ​

Serving So Calif, USA

New Installations  - Changeouts - Service and Repair - Drain Cleaning

Service existing roof drain installations


In some cases, such as a reroofing project or in the case of broken roof drains, the existing roof drains need to be changed out or replaced. 

We install new, modern, efficient roof drains in the same location as those that we removed. In many cases we connect to existing piping. 

Again we recommend the use of our sump pans if it isn't and we work with your roofer. 

Effects of standing rainwater:  

Standing rainwater on a flat roof can cause extensive property damage and personal injury. Large pools of standing rainwater can cause a roof cave in. This situation can drive up maintenance and repair costs unnecessarily.   

Installing roof drains can be a FAST, EASY and VERY COST EFFECTIVE solution to this problem when compared to the cost of building up the roof, replacing an entire roof, resloping the roof or making EXPENSIVE structural repairs.  

Benefits of a Properly installed roof drains:

can help to mitigate further roof damage by very quickly getting the water off the roof whether the roof is replaced or not. They can stay in place as a permanent installation after roof repairs or replacement has taken place. They can prevent a roof collapse,  interior water damage and may help to keep your roof warranty in effect.  

All cast iron roof drains should have a roof drain pan that is sumped which means it's lowered.  A "sumped' roof drain can dramatically improve the roof drains' performance. 

Roof Drain Replacement

Here are additional resources we bring to all of our roof drain installations. 

  • ​concrete coring (related to plumbing only)

  • electronic concrete scanning  / x ray via our subcontractor   

  • Roof drain system system inspections & certifications (for pre-roofing and post-roofing projects)