Roof drain sump pan SCP was designed

to be a installed by nearly anyone. It can be installed on wood framed, metal and concrete roofs.

Contractors can get an entire roof drain installation project completed in a fraction of the time that it would take previously using the old and antiquated system of building wood sump boxes.  

Fabricating a sump pan on the job is a waste of time when you can use a prefabricated sump pan.

Using our prefabricated roof drain pans SCP is the key to increased production. 

How Much Rainwater Can This Flat Roof Drainage System Drain?

​Here's an example that is straight out of the Uniform plumbing code pages...​Each flat roof drain, less the area of the sump pan, can drain up to 110 gallons per minute of rainwater and serve a roof area of 5,300 square feet. This is based on a 4″ pipe size at 1/4″ drop per foot at 2 inches per hour of rainfall. (ref 2018 Uniform plumbing code.)  This doesn't even address the area of a the sump in the drain pan. When you add the sump area, the drainage efficiency is increased. 

​The physical drainage surface of the sump pan and the bowl diameters of the primary roof drains provide plenty of surface area and achieve excellent flat roof drainage. 

​SCP Roof Drain Pan Description:

  1.  Superior grade fabrication on modern laser equipment using 18 gauge steel provides exceptional quality.

  2. The integral sump feature easily lowers the flat roof drain two inches below the flat roof deck surface thereby increasing the flow of rain water into the the unit.   

  3. It is installed between joists that are 16" on center without any modifications.

  4. ​It has reinforced riveted joints providing an extra layer of strength.

  5.  The overall dimension of the sump pan is 34-1/2" x 26" x 2" deep.  SCP sump pan specs  

  6. The sump area of the sump pan is approx 13-1/2" x 22" and adds to the surface area of the flat roof drain bowl, thereby increasing drainage capacity.  

  7. The roof drain pan accepts either a bottom outlet combination flat roof drain or bottom and side outlet single roof drains without modification via the adapter.

​​​Flat Roof Drain Description:

  1.  The Frank Pattern combination flat roof drain model 850. COMBO ROOF DRAIN SPECS.  

  2.  The Frank Pattern single flat roof drains, side and bottom outlet. SINGLE ROOF DRAIN SPECS.  

The hallmark of SCP roof drain pan

is that it is fast and easy to install. This video is of an actual project that used the sump pan system. 

A fast installation means that you can install more roof drains per hour, thus increased production. 

It eliminates the need to build labor intensive wood sump boxes on the job which decreases labor costs. (huge savings here!)

This versatile sump pan can be installed on a wood, metal or concrete roof without extensive modification to the roof, the sump pan or the roof drain, with the exception of model LCP. You can use both sump pan versions to accommodate your pipe direction. 

Zurn $318.00

​as priced on the internet

Contractors Can Increase Production While Decreasing Labor Costs

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Jay R. Smith $330.00​​

​internet pricing


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Welcome To Roof Drain Pan SCP Product Page

Roof Drain Pans Co.  $265.00​​ ​with sump 

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What makes SCP roof drain sump pan superior grade? 

It is fabricated on modern laser cutting equipment

which means no shabby mismatched corners or square holes to slow down production. It It is made from 18 gauge sheet metal which will provide you with years of trouble-free service.

It is designed to installed in minutes rather than hours like wooden sump boxes. The bolt together assembly can be assembled by anyone.

Many homeowners and DIY'ers buy them because they are so easy to install. Likewise, they are used by the pro's in the construction industry. They decrease labor costs and subsequently increase production. 

The system is sold in kits that include the roof drain sump pan, roof drain and hardware. Or you can buy just the roof drain sump pans.  ​​​​​​​The roof drain installation video should be watched prior to installing.  You won't believe how easy this is.


How does SCP roof drain sump pan compare to similar products? 

 SCP Super Saver Pack

Starting at $265.00    

Includes:galvanized steel sump pans, primary roof drain, hardware. 

1 PACK  SAVE $8.25 shipping + $29.90 bulk discount    
2 PACK  SAVE $33.00 shipping + $ 59.80 bulk discount
3  PACK  SAVE $49.50 shipping + $89.70 bulk discount
4  PACK  SAVE $66.00 shipping + $119.60 bulk discount    
5 PACK  SAVE $82.50 shipping + $149.50 bulk discount     
6 PACK  SAVE $148.50 shipping + $179.40 bulk discount     
7 PACK  SAVE $175.00 shipping + $209.30 bulk discount     
8 PACK  SAVE $240.00 shipping + $239.20 bulk discount     
9 PACK  SAVE $270.00  shipping + $269.10 bulk discount 
10 PACK  SAVE $300.00  shipping + $448.50 bulk discount

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 SCP Saver Pack

Starting at  $Starting at $156.75 

  • This Pack includes the roof drain sump pan only.

SCP-1 Saver Pack     SAVE $8.25 
SCP-2 Saver Pack.    SAVE $33.00 
SCP-3 Saver Pack.    SAVE $49.50
SCP-4 Saver Pack     SAVE $66.00
SCP-5 Saver Pack.    SAVE $82.50 
SCP-6 Saver Pack.    SAVE $148.50 
SCP-10 Saver Pack   SAVE $330.00 
FREE SHIPPING on 2 - 10 packs!!!2 Pack- 
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The answer to that question is easy. There is no comparison to the SCP roof drain sump pan. The major roof drain manufacturers simply do not make a real sump pan. They make a sump receiver and call it a sump pan but it does not, nor is it intended to, lower or "sump" a flat roof drain. Not only is SCP roof drain pan a true sump pan, it is more cost effective. But there are more benefits to this totally unique roof drain sump pan.... 

When Should You Use This Roof Drain Pan SCP? 

Product Purpose

  • The main purpose of the roof drain pan model SCP is to make the roof drains the lowest point on the roof. In doing so, it eliminates standing rainwater on a your flat roof when properly placed at the lowest points on the flat roof. 

  • Further, this sump pan provides a standardized FAST and EASY method to "sump" or lower the Frank Pattern combination roof drain.  No need to build cumbersome and labor intensive wood sump boxes.  

  • Finally, this "sumped" flat roof drain will dramatically improve the roof drains performance.​ 

Firstly, with our newest patent pending development, the SCP single roof drain adapter, you can now install bottom or side outlet single flat roof drains IN THE SAME PAN. NO MODIFICATIONS REQUIRED!  So if you have minimum space between the roof and the ceiling, SEE HERE, this sump pan will accommodate the side outlet flat roof drain. 

​Secondly, you can add a 2" water dam to one of the single flat roof drains to make it an overflow. So no matter which sump version you use, you have your combination flat roof drain set up ready to go!

Not Sure If This Is The Right Product For You?

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Need installation help? Go here or call us toll free 1 888-900-9145 or 949 297-8689 PST.  

Use this roof drain sump pan and flat roof drain if your roof joists are 16" on center minimum. The slideshow are actual roof drain installation projects where model SCP roof drain sump pan was used in order to give you a better reality on their various applications. 

Fast, Easy Roof Drain Installation For The Novice and Professional 


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